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Corporate Social Responsibility

Tag Motors has always strived to be a responsible corporate entity by ensuring that the impact of its operations on the environment does not in any way harm it. We have been adopting Corporate Social Responsibility practices with environmental interests rooted in our operational strategies. Over the course of years, we have come up with a number of ground-breaking innovations in order to improve the quality standards of our service and further expand the umbrella of products we offer to customers. However, environmental-care has been the bottom line for all our industry-wide operations. With each product and service offered by Tag, a green approach is integrated to ensure that the profits are made at no cost to the environment.

At the same time, we have helped our neighbourhood to thrive by active involvement in educational endeavours, and other social services. We wish to leave an ecological footprint and initiate social services that touch society at every rank. At Tag, emphasis has always been put on the greener infrastructure, and we constantly pursue devising CSR initiatives that can nurture growth and disaster rehabilitation. The Tag employees are also an important part of our CSR agenda. We provide various benefits to employees, but also make sure we do not mix our social activism with branding, as has been the trend off-late.