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Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is one facet of the spare part manufacturing industry that calls for maximum investment. Whilst, every business establishes its own cornerstones and checks when it comes to quality control, at Tag Motors, we believe in a system that gauges both, progress and bottlenecks in spare part manufacturing process.

A commitment to give the consumer a complaint free experience with the offerings is the fundamental level definition of quality at Tag. How we strive to further define quality at Tag is by giving a world-class experience to the consumer at a price that serves as an excellent incentive. Our people and processes are the strength behind our quality control measures. With dedicated quality department, every product has to go through strict quality control processes. From preparation of drawings using the most advanced CAD system to the most stringent quality control using personalized designed inspection machinery and tools, everything is in order to mitigate product defects. It is our goal to create a culture of total quality where continuous improvement of our people, processes and products become a way of life.

Quality checks are carried out frequently, and the entire process – right from the planning stage to the delivery output – is measured by ‘standards set vs standards achieved’. Any gap or bottleneck that is encountered in between the two is immediately addressed by the quality check team, which leverages resourceful skills to provide immaculate products with zero defects.

Apart from the people and process development, we are constantly moving towards becoming a learning organization that conscious about delivering quality in every aspect.